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Fun with Polyester Plate Lithography in my New Studio at Tannery Row Artist Colony

I am a fine art printmaker and a little over two weeks ago I moved my studio to Tannery Row Artist Colony. In my current body of etchings and lithographs there is a kind of magic realism at work. These works explore female archetypes.

Woman and girls have a symbiotic or remarkably close relationship with nature, as each is shown interacting with birds, frogs or moths. A hummingbird lands on one girl's arm. Another girl is about to kiss a frog.

Medusa is a frequent visitor in my artworks, and she is not necessarily the fear inspiring monster that mythology makes her out to be.

Pictured here, is "Nesting Habits," the first lithograph I produced at Tannery Row Artist Colony. This piece investigates the notion of the instinctual nature of women to nurture.

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